The True Blesses of God


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The True Blesses of God talks about the importance of family values and how people who want to be saved don’t know how to go about doing this. It shows how people used to go to church every Sunday and surrender their worries to God when things are too much for them to handle, don’t do so anymore.

This generation’s disobedience and disrespect to anyone, most especially to their parents, proves how the current generation is confused and bewildered on what to do and what steps to take to be saved. A reminder that from the way things look now, we all need to come back to God.

About the Author: Gary D. Scott

My name is Gary D. Scott and I live Here in St Louis Missouri Me and my Brother Brian K Scott For A Very Long Time. Now A little more about Me I Have Always Wanted to Write. And If It Wasn’t For God I Don’t Think That I’ll be Doing This. But I Love This All The Stories That I’m Writing Right Now Came From God. Some of You Might Not or Want to Believe it or not but it is True. Please Enjoy My Wonderful Stories and I will Tell you More About Me In The Future.

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