The Triangle Motel


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Who were these new people who had just moved in next door?

They looked like any ordinary family, at least they appeared so.

One of them held the secret that almost one-third of the world would kill to possess. The other two had the job of keeping him safe, sane and happy.

Could they keep this dark secret safely within the confines of their modest new rancher?

Thanks to their faith in a country that would do what it could to protect them, they would stick to the task at hand. This would be to try to look like they fit into the mold of any ordinary American family, and to live with this deception while they worked it out.

This is the story of that family, and the love shared by those around them, including their unbelievable neighbor, Mrs. Peterson.

What kind of people had so little regard for human life that they’d go to these extremes for the secret her new neighbors possessed?

She alone recognized the peril they faced, and with some help from a retired agent, she rescued them from sure and certain disaster.

About the Author

I’ve been a resident of New Jersey and the shore most of my life and enjoy the summers here. I wish to live nowhere else but on the Jersey Shore. I’ve experienced many hurricanes and Northwesters. They are unique to the shore, but build character.

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