The Treasure Hunt


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Anna Zigfield, a princess by birth, had learned about her royal heritage at a young age. However, she had not known her ancestor King Johann, who had made her the heir to the hidden crown jewels responsible for the monarchy’s downfall in 1803. Anna wrestled with the haunting question of how the king had known her centuries before she was born. It was not until Anna discovered the prophetic abilities that she found the answer to her question. As if her circumstances were not challenging enough, Anna learns that she would have to play in a treasure hunt created by the king to find the jewelry before claiming them as her own. By accepting her destiny, Anna becomes the target of a Shiite commander and the recipient of the love and loyalty of a handsome lawyer, Heinrick. Anna’s journey leads her closer to God and teaches her that God had never left her and Heinrick’s side. On the contrary, he was with them, each miracle at a time. Armine and her husband of thirty-seven years, Hrayr, enjoy their three adult children, nine grandchildren, and Schnauzer, Oliver. Armine was raised in Iran until the Iranian revolution when she moved to Austria. It was not until Armine moved to Massachusetts in her senior year of high school that she met her husband and set her roots in America. Today Armine enjoys sharing her passion for the word of God in her women’s life group and working hand to hand with the leaders of her women’s ministry in her home church in Modesto, California.


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