The Tale of Meadow Grove


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Chloe and Emma are five-year-old twin sisters who live in Meadow Grove. Their household is dysfunctional and unsafe, filled with sadness and fear. At night, they escape to a magical land alive with creatures both great and small. Mr. Jingles tries to find them, but the girls remain hidden with the animal friends who give them the courage to make it through difficult times.

Due to their strength and fearlessness, Chloe and Emma find a way to endure and persevere, despite dire circumstance. Deep within themselves, they also discover the need to protect the vulnerability in others.

The Tale of Meadow Grove┬áis a poetic cautionary tale but also one of empowerment, bravery, and survival in response to adversity. It embraces the power of a child’s imagination and the ability to overcome great odds. It is the tiny voices that speak the loudest … and have the greatest need to be heard.

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