The Princesses Coronavirus Adventure


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Two sisters and their cousin love to play being princesses when they get together. The oldest sister plays along with them when she is in the mood. They all love to do art, cooking, riding their bikes, dramatic play, dressing up, dancing, gymnastic, and play imaginative games when they are together. Sometimes they make up stories to tell each other.

The princesses along with other children were home and attending school via Zoom. After Zoom classes, they would ride their bikes to get outside for exercise and fresh air. They had become interested in observing shapes in clouds as they rode their bikes. They also had been learning how to write different types of paragraphs in school earlier.

In this book, they explore their imagination using clouds and their creativity in writing Descriptive, Narrative, and Informative paragraphs during the time of the Stay-at-Home-Order of the Coronavirus during the winter of 2020.

Children can come along on their adventure of how they entertained themselves during a difficult time in their lives and learn how to write paragraphs along the way.

About the Author: Minnie L. Ransom Ed. D.

Dr. Minnie Ransom holds a life California Standard Teaching Credential; A life California Adult Education Credential; A Life Standard Teaching-Early Childhood Credential; is certifi ed in the education of English Language Development (ELD);  and Gifted and Talented (GATE) students.

Dr. Ransom is a long- term private and public educator who has worked with all age groups including preschoolers to high school. She has successfully owned and operated a private school that served infants through third grade students for academics and daycare. She has been a long-term public educator of general education, GATE students, and English Learners in public schools including preschool, through high school,  Juvenile facilities, and adult education.

Dr. Ransom discovered as a young child that she wanted to pursue a career in education when she used to teach her younger cousins what she had learned in first grade.

Now she is pursuing educating through the means of print.

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