The Lord Is My Shepherd


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Roy Hardeman Deaver is a beloved preacher, teacher, author, and linguist. His education includes A.A. (Fort Worth Christian); B.A. (Harding University); M.Ed. (Cambridge University); Additional Graduate Studies in Linguistics & Extensive Training in “Accelerative Learning Methodology.” Mr. Deaver has been preaching and teaching the Gospel for over 50 years. He has helped train preachers in the United States, Africa, India, and the Caribbean. He has former students teaching on five continents. He has been involved in numerous special mission efforts, including the original “Safari for Souls” in Tanzania, East Africa, in which over 1000 souls were baptized into Christ! Other mission efforts have included teaching in India, South Africa, Jamaica, and frequent summer Vacation Bible School campaigns among the Navajo Indians of Northwestern New Mexico. Mr. Deaver has prepared numerous “Tools for Bible Teachers”, and has written several books and study guides for teachers including: – New Testament Companion – Old Testament Companion – Revelation Simplified – How to Study the Bible – The Holy Spirit: A Detailed Study – Living with Stress (practical faith-based guide for dealing with everyday problems) He continues to be very active. In addition to regular duties associated with preaching and writing, Mr. Deaver teaches “English as a Second Language” for the local school district, where he was recently honored as “Teacher of the Year.” He was also recognized as “Alumnus of the Year” by his high School Alma Mater. Mr. Deaver, resides with his wife of fifty-two years, the former Wanda Mitchell, a faithful Christian woman, who is a continual source of inspiration and encouragement. Roy continues to try to build up the church, and help prepare the next generation for service in the kingdom for two simple reasons-He loves God, and he loves people.
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