The Ladies of Lancaster County: True Friends are Forever: Book 6


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The ladies of Lancaster County, Pa. were waiting while Adam Zook worked on his place, a two story white house with a white picket fence. Not long after Adam met Darcy Williams, he made his intentions be known. Since that time he has spent extra time getting the house redd up so that she might become his bride.

Adam lost his first wife when she gave birth to Anna Rachael. Anna didn’t know the love of a mamm. When Anna Rachael met Darcy, she fell head over heels in love with her just as her daed, Adam, did. She threw her little arms around her neck giving big hugs and kissing her cheek.

Darcy hadn’t had that kind of love come her way since she was ten years old. Her heart is lost to Adam’s two kinner. She loves Randal John as much as she loves Anna Rachael. She questions her gut friend, Laura Yoder, if in fact she is clean enough to become Adam Zooks wife.

Laura convinces Darcy she gave her life to Christ Jesus, so now her slate is wiped clean. Darcy is finding love from gut friends she lives with, Laura, Paula, Amelia, Lucas and Jacob to a degree she never knew before.

Amelia is doing the Lord’s work at every turn. Her beloved husband, Moses, is with his Lord and Savior now. She knows Moses is watching and waiting for her to come too. However, it doesn’t seem to be what God wants. She is alive, eighty six years young and helping with the bobbeli, bobbelin and kinner. She over flows with love she shows to all. She smiles now knowing God has brought her a house full of kinskinner to love. She takes her duties of being a mammi to heart. Her girls and her kinskinner are the reason she gets up every morning at the crack of dawn.

Rachael and Martha went in for Rachael’s doctor appointment. The doctors decided Rachael is right, God wants Rachael around to watch her kinskinner grow up. Martha said denki to God almighty her best friend will be here until Jesus comes for all of us. The three friends, Rebeka, Rachael and Martha were watching the beautiful sight it is to see your daughters blossom into wunderbaar gut Christian women. They were all friends including Darcy who fit into their fold perfectly. After all, what is life without faith, family and friends.

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