The Ladies of Lancaster County: The Faithfulness of a Friend: Book 4


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The Rohrer place was a buzz with Moses and Amelia Rohrer finally having the kinskinner to love in their golden years as they had dreamed of for the past thirty years. They loved the two couples living there as both couples actually have a genuine walk with their Lord and Savior, and it showed in all they do. The love bestowed upon Moses and Amelia came so natural from all four adults living there with them.

Laura had been spending time with Darcy since they both gave depositions to put those responsible for Laura’s abduction into the city. Darcy even asked Laura to lunch to see what there was to do in the quaint area Laura loved so much. Laura knew she could not stay long as Paula was carrying her second bobbeli and that was too much to ask of her dear friend. After all, Josh was getting bigger every day as was Paula’s firstborn, Joey. However, both Paula and Amelia knew how important it was for Laura to spend time with Darcy in case a door opened so she could share Christ with her.

Rachael was beaming within at the thought of being a mammi again so soon. She gave her praises to God not only for a longer life, but also for a kinskinner to share it with. Her two best friends stopped by daily for a midmorning Bible study, and it left them all invigorated to go on with their daily chores.

With Jacob living and working on the Rohrer property, it gave him more time to spend with Laura. He didn’t want to push her, and he wanted her to heal emotionally and spiritually and had high hopes for their own family growing soon. It would be in God’s timing, and this he knew for sure and for certain.

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