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The Divine Guru


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The Divine Guru is a snapshot of the supremely rich personality, deep spiritual accomplishments, and liberating power of the teachings of one of the most prominent saints and exponents of the Sanatana Dharma in modern times. His Holiness Brahmrishi Shri Gurvanand Ji. The book seeks to capture the multifaceted personality of a Sage imbued with Divine Power and Divine Wisdom. Here, an attempt has been made to present to the world of gurubhaktas a narrative that contains glimpses of the heights of Shri Gurudev’s untold riddhis and siddhis. His supreme knowledge and wisdom and his infinite compassion and saving power.

The book commences with a vivid and dynamic portrayal of the interplay between the human elements of Shri Gurudev’s earthly existence and the Divine elements of his spiritual personality. To persistent, perceptive readers The Divine Guru offers an insight into the inner workings of the devout gurubhaktas whose lives have been touched by the wisdom, compassion, and healing power of Shri Gurudev.

About the Author: Dr. Braj Sinha

Dr. Braj M. Sinha, Ph.D.; D.Litt., is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where he arrived from McGill University in the year 1986 as the fi rst Head of the Department of Religious Studies. An internationally known scholar of the religions of India, Dr. Sinha has authored many books, articles, and research papers, which have been published by eminent national and international publication houses including Brill, MacMillan, and Sage among others. He has presented scholarly works and delivered invited lectures at the eminent centres of higher learning and research in Africa, Canada, Europe, India, Mexico, New Zealand, the U.K., and the U.S. Recipient of many recognitions and honors, Dr. Sinha was awarded the prestigious George Ivany Internationalization Award and has served as the President of the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, a consortium of ninety-plus of the most eminent universities, educational institutions, and research centres from Canada and India.

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