The Dirty Sheet: A Story of Transformation


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The Dirty Sheet: A Story of Transformation–“I don’t care what they think” was my favorite line to say. Rebellious, prideful, and determined to control every situation and event in my life, I left my father’s house at the age of seventeen to attend college–brokenhearted, angry, and full of rage.

You see, my childhood was one of abuse, incest, domestic violence, and an inner rage that would one day lead to suicide or homicide or both! The children in the families we grew up with were suffering the same torment, so I thought this was normal. To witness beatings, violence, pain, and anguish was my norm. Silence was the pattern of behavior that was taught to me and my siblings. “Don’t let anybody know” what was happening behind our four walls. These walls closed in around my heart and life in the years to come.

After college, I joined the military. “I was an adult now.” I told myself as I began years of drinking and seducing whomever I chose. I was Navy all the way–a man in every port, and I don’t care what they think.

The next twenty plus years would not be any better as I went from relationship to relationship looking for something, but what was I looking for? Why was my heart so hard and cold? Why did I keep doing the same things?

Finally, the deep pain, despair, and heartache along with a probable addiction to alcohol led to thoughts of suicide; was this the answer I was seeking?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, or if this story and struggle sounds vaguely familiar, then read this book to understand the answers I found in Jesus Christ.

May this story be used to bring all glory to God and freedom for all who dare to read, and be transformed!


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