Testimonies Of The Lord’s Faithfulness Through The Darkness


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Childhood abuse; sexual trauma; marital strife; broken relationships; crises of faith. Any one of these could devastate even the strongest individual for a lifetime. How, then, did one woman overcome each of these trials and emerge more fortified than ever? For author Christina Orosco-Maxwell, her life’s testimony is the answer. Through a series of moving personal accounts, Testimonies of the Lord’s Faithfulness Through the Darkness invites readers into the darkest recesses of the author’s past-from the assault and neglect she suffered at the hands of her supposed protectors, to personal failings as a wife, to a departure from Christianity, and beyond-to demonstrate how, through it all, God was standing alongside and guiding her steps toward something much greater. Transformed by His love and healed by the Holy Spirit, Maxwell writes to inspire and encourage anyone who has faced similar hardship; to uplift and fortify the broken, the suffering, the wronged, with the knowledge that there is a hope in Christ that surpasses any and every circumstance this life has to offer.


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