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What forces, either emergent or centrally planned, have subtly changed American life? With all our wealth and technological progress, are we still free? These questions and more are explored in William Reynolds’ new novel SANCTIFY. Set against the shocking murder mystery whose impact on American history was incalculable, SANCTIFY is a rich novel in every sense of the word. James Ortega was fifteen when his Cuban half-brother, Jesus, was a buried casualty of Vietnam. Not until he meets his brother’s fiancĂ©e, the beautiful and enigmatic Kathy Shine, does he entertain the possibility that Jesus is still alive and the buried casket empty. Frustrated on all fronts, James finally contacts Paul Deland, who holds a high position in Naval Intelligence. So begins the search for the mysterious Jesus, a search that forces us to examine our own disturbing times in light of tenuous, yet highly evocative, connections with history.” SANCTIFY is a fictional tour de force, which reminds the reader — as all great novels do — what it is to be human.
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