Repulsivcan Damn O Cracy: Legislative Entrepreneurs When We Get Your Money – You Get Your Law


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Is an 85 year old; uneducated man, capable of rational thought? I Await Your Decision !

Though born and raised Texan, Wendall, and Leota, my lovely, and loving wife and bride of very nearly sisty years, now call the Lewis Clark valley of Idaho home.

In the late nineteen forties, “pulling bolls” in Mr.Rays cotton patch, in Lubbock County Texas, I earned and saved the $43.00 required to purchase a new bicycle. (That’s 4300 pounds of cotton at $1.00 per hundred)

An Apprentice carpenter in high school, I have since served, as an infantryman; a commissioned police officer; roofing contractor’ boat mechanic, and in retail management.

Upon my acceptance as an airplane mechanic trainee with Boeing, in 1966, I and my family said goodbye Lubbock – hello Seattle.

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