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Akal Purkh, the solitary and eternal personality of the cosmos, watches and narrates as the Ages progress and the deities and angels grow concerned about the well-being of humanity. As they meditate, they send a powerful beam of energy to Earth that produces a water source that becomes a sacred place of healing. Akal Purkh asks a beloved rishi to create a special soul and place it in the body of a female who will consecrate the water by carrying the suffering of the Kali Yuga to it. To prepare the way, the Golden Chain of Truth is connected to the Earth and the soul’s destiny. After the special soul is born, she is named Rajni and raised as a privileged and somewhat arrogant princess. But at age fourteen, Rajni’s life changes when her father forces her to marry a handicapped leper and subsequently disowns her. Obligated to carry her husband on her back as she searches for the Guru of Miracles and the sacred water, Rajni embarks on a selfless and unforgettable journey where she makes an amazing discovery. In this moving epic drawn from myth, legend, and historical events, a young girl and her creator reveal the power of love, sacrifice, and the elevation of the soul as a miracle is unveiled.


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