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How to Stay Together When You Are so Different

How can a relationship work when you and your spouse are so opposite to each other? Learn to give and take, sacrifice, and compromise. In this book, the authors share their personal experience as a young retired couple and how they handle daily frustrations using effective communication and knowing the difference between listening and hearing when it comes to what
your spouse or significant other is saying. Learning to love your partner’s silly ways becomes an expression of freedom and happiness.

It also includes how to make more money as a retired couple and enjoy your dream life. How can you retire early? When should you retire and how old do you have to be? There’s no age limit. If you make good money and learn investing skills, you can multiply your money and retire anytime. Most people work till the required retirement age of 67-75 or longer.

Learn how to argue without fighting and at the same time celebrate your similarities and honour your differences.
Also learn how to manage and diversify your money and nurture your family into having healthy relationships.


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