Nothing But the Best: A Guide to Preaching Powerful Sermons


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“I have been greatly blessed by what you have previously written… I believe this will be a significant contribution to the homiletical literature, combining scholarship and practicality as it is rarely seen, helping to fill a void.”
Barry C. Black, PhD, US Senate Chaplain, Washington DC

“In these troubled times, average preaching is inadequate. We need great preaching. Do you sense the call of God to become a great preacher? Nothing but The Best can assist you on your journey. Read, reflect, implement, and you’ll be on your way toward excellence.”
Derek J. Morris, author of Powerful Biblical Preaching

“Here are a few preliminary comments about your excellent book on preaching. It is a comprehensive and detailed volume on the art of preaching. One has to read and pause and absorb. Your terse verse, one liners and the illustrations are readily saleable. “Mummies dancing,” the description of the horse as it relates to the pace of preaching, the Ravi illustration and your repeated use of scripture to illustrate points shouts volumes of your commitment to the Word.”
Pastor Adrian Craig, Australian Church Leader and internationally acclaimed preacher

“Your book is as thorough and comprehensive a study of all aspects of preaching as I have ever encountered. You do an excellent job of discussing, even describing the various types and methods of preaching. You point to the various delivery options and the techniques that work best with each one. There is an excellent section on hermeneutics and how to move from text to topic to sermon. You do a very good job in discussing literary genre and how each genre best lends itself to the preaching task.”
Marvin A. McMickle, PhD, President/Professor of Church
Leadership, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, NY

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