Lulu Meets the King of Poo


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Lulu is anxious about her science report- so anxious it’s given her a tummy ache! She falls asleep, to have an amazing dream-she swallows herself!! Emily Enzyme takes her on an “incredible digestible” tour. In the small intestine Lulu and Abby dance the Acidophilus Hula. In the colon she meets Benny Bifidus, the King of Poo. How does she get back?! That is for you to find out! (hint: Stanley Stem Cell has something to do with it.)”

This delightful book is introducing children to a very important concept-the existence of gut flora and its importance in human health. 90% of ALL CELLS in our bodies are in our gut flora! The complexity of that microbial world inside us is just as magnificent as Life on Earth itself. To a very large degree, microbes are in charge of our health and vitality. We must know about them and take good care of them. I wish this book every success!”
-Dr Natasha Campbell McBride, Nutritionist, founder of The GAPS Diet

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