Little Gems Tugging at Your Heart Strings


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This book was created for young children to enjoy and for their parents, grandparents and guardians to enjoy reading to them. It allows the reader to use his or her own imagination to create the images they would like to see when they read the stories. In other words the book becomes what the child sees and relates to; hopefully igniting their growth and development into imaginative little beings who view the world in such delightful ways. It is also my hope that it will allow adults another opportunity to see the world through a child’s eyes. What an Amazing View! Are you ready for the adventure? I hope so! I’ve been waiting for you.

About the Author

I am a New Orleans Native, a Maternal-Child Nurse, a mother and grandmother, born to the parents of Winniefred A. Jones and Rev. Johnny Jones Jr. who instilled the importance of love and respect for all man-kind. My parents have always encouraged me to find the Good in each person I met, and in turn do what I could to uplift them along the way. To that end, I believe my mission in this life has been to safeguard and uplift children and families. Writing, especially authoring children’s stories and poems, have given me great enjoyment. It has empowered me to leave positive love notes for children and families on purpose. Witnessing the joy of children at play, watching them formulate first words, or just simple smiles and laughter, ignite my soul. These wonderful moments have powered my creativity to write stories and poems for children. It is my hope by doing so you see the child in all of us. My overall goal as an author is to add a little sunshine to into the hearts children and the parents who care for them. If we would allow ourselves as adults the opportunity to relax and enjoy our moments with our children, they too could obtain a different view of the world and what is truly important. Let it be your smiles, cheers, hugs and expressions of love they remember most. Then relax and breathe in the experience that is uniquely yours an uniquely our children. God Bless you! And God Bless our Children!

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