Just Call Me Dad: The Dilemma of Being a Father in the United States


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A midnight phone call from parents in Virginia to Germany alerts a military man that his four-year-old son, their grandson, has been driven from California and abandoned by his mother. The military man sensed that his marriage has broken down files for divorce and custody only to be told that he cannot get custody of his son because of his military service and that his son has to be torn from his grandparents and returned to the mother who abandoned him.

Twelve years later, after a twenty-year military commitment, that military man files for custody again this time in Mississippi from Alaska where he is disrespected and abused financially by a court system that favors custody to go to the mother despite of many shortcomings by that mother. After winning custody the military man discovers that planted in the mind of his son is one last mental entanglement designed to deny him a lasting relationship with his father.

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