God Has a Plan


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I was a student of the Bible from an early age. I was always fascinated by the stories from both the Old and New Testaments and always tried to apply the lessons learned to my own life. After spending years as a Sunday School Teacher, the Bible stories have stayed with me. I read the Bible every day; it has helped me enormously over the years.

I am not ashamed to admit, that I prayed to God each time to send me a wonderful wife. I was never disappointed and will continue to communicate with Him on a regular basis.
The inspiration for the poetry comes from many sources.  A thought while driving or a thought that comes while watching something on television. In one case it was an incident that inspired me.

I will on occasion place at the bottom of the poem, what it was that inspired the poem.

This book of poems will be in three sections.

  • Poems of inspiration from my faith whatever the source
  • Poems from Bible references or from Bible Stories
  • Poems from my own personal life. Those produced from my own experiences that lifted me from my pit of despair or helped me to understand better God’s love and inspiration


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