Evolve: An Anthology of Horra/Thrilla Novellas


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I m William Wineman, known as Wine-no Willie The Kang of the Tenderloin! LaErtes asked me to say something about the four tales in this book. The boy pays well so I say ok. COMPLEX – about a man named Pyriel who is hiding out from the government because they want him and any like him for their Special Workshop; a tap into the powers of the mind thang. Pyriel chooses an apartment complex that is run amuck by bad ass kids. Once Pyriel realizes what he’s gotten himself into he tries to help these brats and that’s when hell breaks loose. THERMAL – this one messed with me. It’s about haunting, possession, voodoo, death, and conjured up demons. I killed a fifth of Jack while reading this one. HARVESTER – which is the story I personally narrate is about an Indian legend parents told their bad ass kids to make me mind, and what happened when that legend came to life. NEED – this tale reaches past the Exotic-Erotic of the entertainment industry, and is clearly blown away. Once you’ve read it you’ll understand what I mean. I told LaErtes he should apologize to the readers for using vaguer language, the destruction of innocence, and the explicit sex and violence throughout the pages of this book. The boy told me, Shut up – keep drinking my Jack Daniels. This book is about the salvation of the soul. The boy got a point there!

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