Ending Eden: The Pending Fate of Humanity


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The “Gods” who brought us to Earth are coming back. But are They coming here to save us from ourselves–or to destroy us?

The Anunnaki Council–made up of 12 Earth-born “Pures” from all over the globe–have convened to decide the fate of Earth humans. They have been tasked by the Celestial Pures (extraterrestrials), monitoring us from above, to choose one of four possible scenarios to be imposed on the people of Earth upon Their return: Should Earthkind be destroyed, enslaved, abandoned, or ushered into a glorious future?

Tempers flare and heartfelt opinions are shared as the Council delves into how Modern Man originally arrived on planet Earth, what we have and have not achieved, the Celestials’ ongoing manipulation of us, and whether or not earth humans are, in fact, worth saving.

Ending Eden answers questions you never knew you had; exposes centuries of institutionalized misinformation; makes sense out of common nonsense; explains the heretofore inexplicable; and casts a glaring light upon the truth of who we really are.

Packed with over 100 colorful photographs and undeniable facts, this book will make you believe in our Celestial ancestors…no matter how skeptical you’ve been in the past.

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