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Everybody dreams when they sleep deeply. Most time these dreams we forget. Once or twice maybe, a dream is so violent, so extraordinary, so vivid that we remember it.

“Dreamberries” is just that! An amazing dream that defies the known laws of nature yet remains possible. James Elliott McGuire is the main character. His exploits are unbelievable, shocking, mind boggling and most entertaining.

Neill, my only son, died in a freak car accident in 2000. He drew, wrote poems and short stories, played the guitar and became a computer geek. After he died, I decided to try my hand at writing. This book, Dreamberries, took me at least ten rewrites and eleven years to complete. My love for writing has blossomed over the last decade. I originally submitted a three paragraph short story to my writing teacher. She read it and told me that it would make an interesting book. Voila! I sincerely hope that you as the reader enjoy this tale. It amazes me how the book came to its conclusion. After ten years and a few months, I concocted the perfect ending. Hopefully, nobody guessed the entire ending! This is my first book! Enjoy and thank you!

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