Discovering the True You


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Brenda Palmer was motivated to write this book because of what was instilled in her at an early age by a woman named Anita Stroud, who took her, her siblings and other children into her home in the projects of Fairview Homes, a neighborhood infested with drugs, violence, and teenage pregnancy. She took them under her wings and taught them domestic skills like sewing, knitting, and crafting along with learning the attributes of perseverance, endurance, and good work ethics. She also made it possible for them to participate in summer camp supported by the local churches in the community of Charlotte. Ms. Stroud never had children, but they were her children, whom she taught to work with their hands and make use of their God-given talents God placed in them. She taught them through Christ they could do all things. Also, as an adult, Brenda was motivated by a very dear friend Trinette Vereen who started a book club at their church who introduce them to a writer who offered writing courses once a month. Trinette was so kind enough to let Brenda accompany her to the courses by driving her there. God will place people in our lives to lead us to the destiny or future he has planned for us. Brenda was instructed by God to write this book, but had no idea as to how God will bring it too life. Through kind and loving people “God did it.” This book will lead you to your true self in Jesus Christ.

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