Better Than a Homerun


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Twelve-year-old Daryl Jenkins’ summer plans are shattered by the death of his best friend, Terry, who died in an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver. With the memories still fresh in his mind, he tries to deal with his anger, disappointment, and frustration by playing baseball with his friends and drawing pictures for an art contest. But the ache in his heart tarnishes everything he does. Better Than a Homerun is the story of a boy who faces the monumental challenges of forgiveness. Through the encouragement and wise advice of his parents, Daryl begins to trust God and depend upon Him in all that he does, and his personal relationships with family and friends help strengthen his trust in God. But one big question remains. How can he ever forgive the drunk driver who took his best friend’s life? To Daryl, it seems almost more than a boy can handle.

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