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A Teacher’s Quest: Loving our Students, Serving their Future Needs, and Saving the Schools


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My name is Brian L. Murphy. My first degree was in business management, which led to an eighteen-year career as an individual contributor, then as a supervisor, and then as a manager. I’ve now been a teacher for twenty years, experiencing the educational process from the inside, including being a mentor teacher for a dozen student teachers. I have loved being a teacher, but my industry is in trouble, even dying, and something needs to be done to repair the damage before it’s too late. This book is meant to identify and take responsibility for what is going wrong so we can remedy the problems. As a teacher, I am deeply concerned, even frightened for the future of my industry, fearing that the vast majority of our students are being neglected and turning off, the teachers are quitting in droves, and the society itself is losing patience in a system they finance with their taxes.

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