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Black and White Literary is a self-made publishing company that solely focuses in providing services that can accomodate the publishing, marketing, and promotional needs of an author to highlight their book. Our company consists of creative and dedicated team of consultants, writers, editors, graphic designers, web developers, and web designers. Black and White Literary aims to offer excellent and top-notch services to accentuate and sell every client’s masterpiece in the market.


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I had a wonderful experience with Black and White Literary. They made the process of publishing my first book a breeze, and the worldwide distribution helped my work reach readers I could only dream of!

Margaret S.

Black and White Literary provided exceptional support during the publishing process. Their professionalism and expertise are truly unmatched. Highly recommended for any self-published author!

Robert J.

Black and White Literary turned my writing dream into reality. Their team's dedication and support throughout the publishing process were impressive. Now, my book is enjoyed by readers globally!

Alice K.

As a self-published author, finding the right support can be daunting. But Black and White Literary made the journey worthwhile. Their commitment to authors is evident in every interaction.

Ethan L.

Thanks to Black and White Literary, my book found its way to the hands of readers all over the world. The team's tireless efforts and enthusiasm made me feel valued as an author.

Samantha P.

Black and White Literary is a champion for independent authors. Their assistance with marketing and distribution was invaluable. My book sales significantly increased thanks to their strategic efforts.

Daniel G.

Black and White Literary made the publishing process a joy. They were professional, attentive, and their distribution network is simply impressive. I couldn't have asked for a better partner for my writing career.

Nina B.

Publishing with Black and White Literary was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The guidance, support, and resources they offer to self-published authors are exceptional.

Leo T.

I can't recommend Black and White Literary enough. They've been instrumental in turning my manuscript into a widely-read novel. The team is truly dedicated to helping authors shine.

Thomas R.

Publish with us!

Our Black and White Publishing Packages are comprehensive solutions designed to cater to authors seeking to publish their books in the classic black and white format. These packages offer a full suite of services to transform your manuscript into a professionally published book.

With an emphasis on quality and a keen eye for detail, we provide expert editing and proofreading, attractive interior layout design, and eye-catching cover art, all tailored to enhance your book’s appeal. In addition, we offer ISBN assignment, copyright registration, and barcoding – essential elements in making your book retail-ready.

But our services don’t stop at publishing. We recognize the importance of reaching the right audience. That’s why our packages also include targeted marketing and worldwide distribution services. From drafting press releases and author websites to distribution across online and physical retailers globally, we go the extra mile to ensure your book lands in the hands of eager readers.

Whether you’re a first-time author or a seasoned writer, the Black and White Publishing Packages offer an easy, efficient, and effective route to bring your story to life and introduce it to the world. Choose Black and White Publishing Packages for a seamless journey from manuscript to published book

Our Full Color Publishing Packages are designed for authors who wish to bring their books to life in vibrant, full color. These packages are perfect for children’s books, cookbooks, graphic novels, photography books, and any manuscript that would benefit from rich, dynamic color illustrations.

These packages provide a wide range of services, starting from professional editing and proofreading, to ensure your manuscript is polished to perfection. Next, our experienced design team will work with you to create an engaging layout and a captivating cover that complements your content and draws readers in.

A unique element of our Full Color Publishing Packages is our high-quality color printing. We use state-of-the-art printing technology to produce books with vivid, crisp, and true-to-life colors, ensuring your illustrations pop off the page and capture your readers’ imagination.

To top it off, our packages also include comprehensive marketing and global distribution services. From creating press releases and author websites to securing distribution through online and brick-and-mortar retailers worldwide, we ensure your book reaches as wide an audience as possible.

Choose our Full Color Publishing Packages to give your book the colorful, professional treatment it deserves, and let us help you share your vibrant vision with the world.

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About Us

Black and White Literary is a global book publishing and distribution company that brings a world of stories to readers’ fingertips. With a robust network spanning across continents, we not only publish captivating narratives but also ensure their reach to every corner of the globe.

What sets us apart is our dedication to supporting self-published authors. We understand the unique challenges that independent authors face and offer comprehensive services to bridge the gap between creation and reader accessibility. From editorial support and book design to marketing and worldwide distribution, we provide self-published authors with the resources they need to thrive in the competitive literary landscape.

At Black and White Literary, we pride ourselves on our diverse catalogue, showcasing authors from different backgrounds and narratives from myriad genres. We are committed to enriching the global literary scene by promoting a wide array of voices and delivering high-quality literature that entertains, enlightens, and inspires.

Whether you’re a budding writer seeking a supportive platform to launch your debut novel or an avid reader in search of your next favorite book, Black and White Literary is your gateway to a world of boundless imagination and literary excellence. We’re not just publishing books; we’re building a global community of authors and readers bound by a shared love for the written word.